MP01 GPS and GSM based college bus position informer for students
MP02 Locker Security System with SMS Informer
MP03 Advanced Automatic Vehicle Crash Notification using GSM Technology
MP04 Bank Security System with Auto Dialer and Camera Recording System
MP05 Wireless Water Level Controller
MP06 GSM Based Home Security System to Get Intrusion Alerts like Door/
Windows Open Alerts onto Your Cell Phone
MP07 RF based automatic menu selection and ordering systems
MP08 Passenger Information System using GPS
MP09 GSM based traffic density controlling system
MP10 Wireless weather monitoring systems
MP11 Wireless Appliances control using DTMF Principle
MP12 GSM Based Automatic Irrigation Water Controller System
MP13 Mobile/Telephone controlled Access control
MP14 GSM Mobile Phone based Automobile Security System
MP15 GSM Based multi-machine industrial controlling system
MP16 RFID Based Car/Home/Bank security System
MP17 RFID Based Petrol pump Automation system
MP18 RFID Based Toll collection & Recharge System
MP19 Wireless Patient monitoring systems with wireless data communication
MP20 GPS and GSM based bus status and position information for blind people
MP21 GSM Based remote measurement of electricity and control system for home
MP22 SMS based Electricity Billing system
MP23 GPS and GSM based school kids van tracking
MP24 SMS controlled pick and place Robot with video camera
MP25 SMS Based Banking Security System
MP26 Wireless Automatic Antenna Positioning System
MP27 Wireless multi speed & bidirectional stepper/DC/AC Motor
MP28 GPS based location indicating system for unmanned automobile
MP29 Auditorium Monitor and Control Using GSM Technology
MP30 GSM based home automation with security system
MP31 GPS based bus or train collision avoiding system
MP32 SMS Based automatic power theft identification

MP33 GSM Based Speed Control of Induction Motor
MP34 Wireless data communication between PC’s
MP35 Real Time Security Guard Robot Using GSM/CDMA Networking
MP36 SMS Enabled Autonomous Robotics for Military Applications
MP37 GSM based school van speed monitoring and control system
MP38 Mobile phone tracking system by using GPM and GSM
MP39 Automatic root announcement system for blind people
MP40 Auto-Dialer Home Security System
MP41 GSM and GPS Interface For Human Tracking System
MP42 Wireless highway speed monitoring & over speed detector
MP43 Voice based wireless patient monitoring system with data communication
MP44 GSM based ambulance intimation system
MP45 Automatic station announcement and display system for trains/buses
MP46 GSM based AC or DC motor speed monitoring and controlling system
MP47 GSM Based Highway Road Traffic Monitoring System
MP48 Automatic Transformer Fault Message Indicator Based on GSM SMS and
MP49 Prepaid Energy meter with telephone based re-charge
MP50 Zigbee based wireless temperature display & control System