SW01 Payroll management Software
SW02 Employee Information management System
SW03 Library Automation Software
SW04 Online School Automation Software
SW05 Office Automation System
SW06 Attendance Register
SW07 Departmental Store
SW08 Project Management System
SW09 Shopping Mall Management Software
SW10 Tutorial Management System
SW11 Web Based Recruitment Process For A HR Group Of Company
SW12 Recruitment Management System Of An Institute
SW13 Online E-Commerce & Application Development
SW14 Payroll Management System
SW15 Employee Information Management System
SW16 Online Exam Software
SW17 Telecom Distributorship Management Software
SW18 E-Symposium System
SW19 E-HR System
SW20 Online Job Consultancy Management System
SW21 Inventory Management Software
SW22 Hotel Management Software
SW23 Hospital Management Software
SW24 Banking System
SW25 School Management Software
SW26 Medicine Store Automation Software
SW27 Restaurant Billing Software
SW28 Jewelry Shop Automation System
SW29 Phone Directory Service
SW30 Online College Automation System
SW31 E-profile Management System Office Automation system
SW32 Financial organization Management Software
SW33 Sales & Distribution Management Software
SW34 Customer Relationship Management Software
SW35 Document Management Software
SW36 Assets Management Software
SW37 Task Management Software
SW38 Computer Shop Automation Software
SW39 Departmental Store Management Software
SW40 E-Advertisement
SW41 E-Consultancy Service System
SW42 E-Banking System
SW43 E-HR System
SW44 E-Resume Builder
SW45 Financial Accounting System
SW46 Front Office Management System
SW47 HR Management System
SW48 Information System For Team Leader (LIC)
SW49 Employee Insurance And Capital System
SW50 Builders Management System
SW51 Automation of Internet parlor
SW52 Administrative Block For Oil Company
SW53 Online Shop Management system
SW54 Online Shopping
SW55 Online Train/Bus/Air/Cinema Ticket Booking System
SW56 Intra Network Chatting System
SW57 IVRS Billing System
SW58 Marketing Management System
SW59 Online Certification Exam
SW60 Logistics Care
SW61 Online Gas Booking Software
SW62 Online Project Submission System
SW63 Online Stock Management System
SW64 Online Criminal Information System