PC001  Communication between PC’s using IR, Laser Beam
PC002  PC based Electrical appliances control System
PC003  PC based no load transformer testing system
PC004  PC based wireless code locking system for machines
PC005  PC Based Motor Speed Monitoring System
PC006  RS 232 communication based touch screen monitoring
PC007  PC based On-Load monitoring of distribution transformer tap                      changer using
             RF communication
PC008  RS 232 communication Based automatic moisture & light control                system
PC009   PC Based industrial temperature controller
PC010   PC based sun seeker
PC011   PC based wireless multi-machine control system
PC012   PC based pressure management and controlling system
PC013   PC based different industrial parameter measuring using ADC                     control
PC014   RS 232 communication Based voltage monitoring system
PC015   Wireless Controller cum Internet Controller for Home Appliances
PC016   PC based stepper motor speed controlling system
PC017   PC based room cooling system
PC018   Remote home control through internet
PC019   RS232 communication Based Digital to Analog converter
PC020   PC Based Multi-Motor control System
PC021   RS232 communication Based Analog to Digital converter
PC022   PC based door opening and closing system
PC023   PC Based DC Motor Speed Control system
PC024   Interface your PC with light and fans
PC025   PC based Material handling Equipment

PC026 PC based Solar Car
PC027 Most Advanced Land Rover with Wireless Remote Control Using PC with
Camera and Solar Cell Power
PC028 PC based Wireless Robot
PC029 PC based multiple transformer or motor fault detection and monitoring
PC030 PC Controlled Alive Human Being Detector in War Fields / Affected Areas
Using WAP with Model & Camera PIR Sensor for Rescue Operations with
2 Way Communications
PC031 RS 232 communication Based length measurement system
PC032 Multi-Device control system using PC
PC033 PC based solar panel sun tracking and controlling system
PC034 Programmable PC speed control of A.C (or) D.C Motor
PC035 PC based visitor counter
PC036 PC based wireless Material handling Vehicle
PC037 PC based Home Automation
PC038 PC based A.C motor speed, voltage and current monitoring and controlling system
PC039 PC based wireless pick and place crane
PC040 PC based multilevel car parking
PC041 PC based patent heart beat and temperature monitoring system
PC042 PC based Auto Dialing Home Security System
PC043 PC based wireless pick and place Robot
PC044 PC Based Moving Message Display
PC045 PC based double axis pick and place Robot
PC046 PC based Temperature, Voltage and Speed (T-V-S) monitoring System