RB01 Human joint control robot- a robot which can work by the help of human
RB02 Robotic arm- an arm which can perform several tasks and can be control
through remote control.
RB03 Automatic vehicle control device- a wireless system which can control the
vehicle externally by the help of radio frequency.
RB04 IR sensor based accident avoiding device.
RB05 Robotic crane- remote control crane which can pick and place the object
from one place to another.
RB06 Automatic pipe cutting machine-sensor based pipe cutting machine for
industrial purpose.
RB07 Robotic arm with moving plate form- it can pick and place the objects from
one place to another place.
RB08 Fire extinguisher robot- it is an automatic working robot which can rotate
in 360*and it can extinguish the fire without any human assistance.
RB09 Fire detection system- it is automatic fire detection system which can be
able to detect the fire weather it is electrical or chemical fire.
RB10 Intelligent motion sensor alarm – automatic alarm system which starts
working if it detects the moving body.
RB11 Track pick and place robot-it is remote based pick and place robot which can
lift the heavy luggage and place in another end of track.(industrial robot)
RB12 Robotic camera car or boat-it is a robot which can control externally by RF
and it can also send the real time video to the pc.
RB13 Solar powered car-a car will completely work on the solar energy.
RB14 Touch sensitive robot-an automated robot which will only perform the task
if you touch the parts of the robot.
RB15 Photo sensitive robot-a robot which will perform the task if the light fall on it
RB16 Robotic grass cutter-automatic or remote control grass cutter robot.
RB17 Robotic boat-remote control boat it can move forward, left and right.
RB18 Solar powered boat-it is the boat which will completely work on the solar
power no external power supply.(with storage system)
RB19 Robotic submarine- it is remote control water robot which can do the
different tasks, for ex:-pick and place object and move forward, left, right
& upwards and downwards.
RB20 Land mine detector and diffuser robot-it is remote or automatic robot which
will detect and diffuse the land mines with and without the help of human
RB21 Remote control movable robotic fire extinguisher for industrial fire- it is
high temperature robot which can extinguish the chemical and electrical
fire with or without the help of human assistance.