MA01 Automatic tap control
MA02 Automatic wash basin
MA03 Automatic Heat chamber control system
MA04 Railways Accident avoiding system
MA05 Automatic Room perfume spray Mechanism
MA06 Fabrication of Automatic temperature controller with cooling system
MA07 Fabrication of Path finder Robot
MA08 Electronic Numeric keyboard safety locking system
MA09 Automatic Rain operated wiper
MA10 Automatic Railway signaling system
MA11 Fabrication of Automatic Railway gate controller
MA12 Fabrication of Automatic Motorized Door open/close mechanism
MA13 Fabrication of sensor operated automated guided vehicle
MA14 Automatic pressure monitor and cut off system
MA15 Fabrication of solar automatic cell phone charger.
MA16 Over speed indicator and automatic accident avoiding system for four
MA17 Sensor operated automatic track guided vehicle
MA18 Fabrication of Automated guided vehicle
MA19 Timing operated solar pump