CONS01 PC based speed control of a DC/AC/Stepper motor
CONS02 PC based Appliances Control system
CONS03 PC based wireless Robot
CONS04 Water level monitoring and control system
CONS05 IR based DC/AC/Stepper Motor control system
CONS06 Intelligent way finder vehicle
CONS07 Touch screen based DC/AC/Stepper Motor control system
CONS08 IR based Appliances control system
CONS09 Zig-bee based Appliances control system
CONS10 Zig-bee based wireless temperature Monitoring and control system
CONS11 Telephone controlled Robot
CONS12 Telephone based Appliances control system
CONS13 Voice activated DC/AC/Stepper motor control system
CONS14 Voice activated Appliances control system
CONS15 Human detection based Escalator