LIVE PROJECT is the Engineering project unite of SR INFO SYSTEMS(SRIS).We provides Engineering, Diploma and MBA live project on Micro controller, Robotics , Mechatronics &  Android Projects.

SR INFOSYSTEMS(SRIS) is widely recognized as a dynamic software development company continuing to provide IT-Enable Solutions, Services and Training around the world. It has been offering the global community the finest of software products and solutions that not just fulfilling their needs today but offer them a competitive advantage tomorrow.

We have started with the aim of providing world-class service at an affordable price without compromising strength and reliability. We are now recognized as one of the leading Web, SMS & Application solution provider in the industry.

We also understand that every successful company is a team of skilled and dedicated people. We are having best team of Hardworking, Honest, talented & certified professionals with the necessary skills and drive to provide our customer with a superior service.

Live Project is a part of SR INFOSYSTEMS 

It   is a leading softawre development company established in 2008 in bhubaneswar .The company has managed to become odisha’top web development company with its unmatched reasearch based  innovation and cutting edge technology .LIVE PROJECT has become a renowned brand wirh its media coverage ‘s in major Regional TV channel .We have become an indispensible company for providing web solution to corporate.

LIVE PROJECT has become a widely accepted brand among the ENIGENEERING  COLLEGES .

It helps student to innovate their idea & build project for their final year from various stream .(Electronics,Telecommunication,Insstrumentation,Diploma,Bio medical,Computers ,MCA,IT, & Mechanical etc.)